vRealize Automation 7.0 – First Impressions

vRealize Automation is, as VMware puts it, cloud automation software. It’s the black box where the magic that happens between a customer or consumer of your cloud services and the infrastructure the cloud sits on, providing the services we would normally associate with a cloud service such as self-service, elasticity and multi-tenant support.

vRealize Automation - The Black Box
vRealize Automation – The Black Box

In the past, this product was known as vCloud Automation Center, or vCAC. It was rebranded along with a number of other VMware products under the vRealize banner. However, the newly branded vRealize Automation product still retains some references to vCAC.

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Travel Report – Cairns, January 2016

I had decided last year that I wanted to travel more during the course of the year, but repeating the sort of trip I usually do around November was out since it ends up being very expensive and time consuming. So the plan was to bounce over to the east coast of Australia or maybe to a close overseas location now and then for a break.

As it happened, QANTAS had a sale offer to Cairns that was valid over the Australia Day long weekend. So I went for it, booking as economy and putting in upgrades requests. 3/4 of the requests were granted automatically with the final leg (Sydney to Perth) sitting in “Confirmed” status.

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An argument against out of hours system maintenance

Late night again...
Late night again…

“You have no problem with out of hours work, right?”

It’s that question during the interview that causes a knot in your stomach. You hope, even pray, that what they mean is the occasional bit of emergency response work or a crunch period at a critical part of a project, both of which you have no issue with. But after you accept that job you find out that the work is routine system maintenance.

I’m going to put forward the argument that in this, dare I say it, golden age of automation, continuous deployment, commodity hardware, virtualisation, micro-services and other cloud-related fluff that there is very few situations why this work needs to be done out of hours. If anything using this model incurs additional risk.

(To any prospective employers out there, don’t take this as my refusal to do such work, this piece is simply about thinking about the issue differently)

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