VMware Horizon 7 – First Impressions

VMware Horizon is a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) product which initially allowed provisioning of Virtual Desktops off a base image in an easily to manage fashion.  Over time, VMware have added extra functionally, such as the ability to add Remote Desktop Services (RDS) servers.

Version 7 has added a number of interesting features and improvements.  The one mentioned first in the release notes is Instant Clones.  This is a technology I’ve been following for a while, ever since I read about it.  Originally known as VMFork, it’s a technology to allow very rapid, almost instant, provisioning of Virtual Machines.  Duncan Epping wrote a good overview of VMFork/Instant Clone back in 2014.  Support for Virtual Volumes and Linux desktops are some of the other features that have been added.

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Results from Telstra’s Free Data Day

Telstra had another free data day on Sunday 3rd April and this time I decided to take advantage of it since my phone has been capable of giving back speed test results of 90Mbits/sec compared to 12 on my ADSL.

Prep & Setup

Unfortunately I made the assumption that my wifi adapter would work again since the Windows 10 upgrade I performed on my PC.  I went to bed early and set the alarm so I would wake up around 3am.  Due to issues with getting the adapter working, I lost about an hour and started around 4:30am.  The primary aim was to download a number of games on Steam that I hadn’t downloaded yet.

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