Tricks of the Trade macro

Rogues in World of Warcraft have an ability called Tricks of the Trade. I wanted a way of being able to easily use it on a predetermined character (ie. the tank). The best I could do is the following macro:

#showtooltip Tricks of the Trade
/cast [target=Focus] Tricks of the Trade
/say Showing %f the |cff71d5ff|Hspell:57934|h[Tricks of the Trade]|h|r

The fun bit is the 3rd line. %f is WoW macro shorthand for “focus name” (just like how %t is for target name) and the horrible mess after that is the in-game ability link for Tricks of the Trade. So party members will see you saying “Showing BobTheTank the [Tricks of the Trade]”. I’ll be making a similar macro for Misdirects at some stage.

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