Office 2010 products MIA in SCCM 2007 reporting

One of the curious things about SCCM 2007 is the number of hot fixes it has to fix what are (in my experience) relatively common problems.  One of these came up when I wanted to do a report of how many Office 2010 installations there were versus other versions and reconcile those against the installed base of Windows 7 machines the RAC had.  The idea was to see how many machines were out of MOE compliance and start remediating them.

I got a bit of a shock when I started doing reporting and no numbers, not even entries, would appear for Office 2010 products, including Visio and Project.  Some of the more recent server products also weren’t listed (although this was a secondary concern at the time).

I soon found out there is not just one hot fix for this, but at least 3 have been issued, going back as far as November 2010 at least.  Following a change request, I got the latest version of the hot fix in and the reporting started working correctly.

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